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Zimapan 2009

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   Iron gate, left side of Zimapan, Oct 2009 Garden gate, Zimapan, Oct 2009 Gate to paddock, Zimapan 2009 Garden fly tip, Zimapan 2009Zimapan's front door-porch, Oct 2009 Front garden, Zimapan, fly tip, Oct 2009 East window of lounge at Zimapan, Oct 2009  Boiler Room, Zimapan, Oct 2009  Exit door by scullery, Zimapan 2009 Bay window, old scullery, Zimapan Oct 2009  Upper (nth) bedroom above old scullery, Zimapan Oct 2009 Old kitchen ans back door, Zimapan, Oct 2009 North view of Zimapan, Oct 2009  Zimapan, west side, 2009 Porthole window, west side of Zimapan, 2009 Aerial photo of Zimapan, 2009 

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