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Williams Family Residences 

Family piles
The Williams family1 of Scorrier were an important mining family in Cornwall. As a result of the fortunes they made in the mining of copper, tin and silver, and from various mining-related enterprises, they built or acquired a large number of properties for themselves in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset, which were used as pieds-à-terre, second homes or permanent residences. Two such properties were built close to one another in Tregullow, Scorrier, a stone's throw from Zimapan. One of them was Scorrier House.

Tregullow House
At one time, one of the other Williams family properties in Tregullow, Scorrier, Tregullow House, was occupied by a Cornish MP for Camborne, Charles A.V. Conybeare, from around 1891 to (at least) 19022. During that time, there were no members of the Williams family living in the house. Indeed, one distinguished member of the Williams family, a baronet, actually leased back a property from the Cornish MP for Camborne, who had originally bought it from him. That property later became known as Zimapan. Today, the Williams family still own—or have re-acquired—a number of country houses which they use—or have used—as their principal residences, including Tregullow House.

Some of their other residences were:

  • Burncoose 
  • Caerhays Castle 
  • Goonvrea Manor3 
  • Manor of Calstock 
  • Tredrea Manor 
  • Trevince 

List is incomplete

1. The author has compiled a family tree for the Williams family, from John Williams 3rd through to the present day, and includes all 10 of the Williams Baronets of Tregullow. The tree has now been permanently withdrawn from the website, and has undergone some significant changes. If you require an up-to-date version, please contact the author.

2. His wife, Florence Annie Conybeare, is thought to have lived there (on and off) until shortly before her death in 1916.

3. This property no longer exists