The Zimapanners







The 1986 Conveyance

Brian See buys additional land
On 28 November 1986, Brian See the then owner of Zimapan, purchased additional land in order to expand the size of the Zimapan estate, as follows1:

1st Part   
Peter Edward Tregoning
2nd Part
Brian See
Property speculator/landlord/entrepreneur
Purchase price
Not known

The Vendor
Peter Edward Tregoning was born in Scorrier, Cornwall on 1 January 1928, and was the only son of William Tregoning (b. 1879-xxxx), a master builder from Blackwater, by his second marriage to Emmeline Ivy Jose (1892-1974). Peter Tregoning, an employee of the Milk Marketing Board, married Jean Mary Smith, an assistant hotelier (Oat's Hotel, Redruth) on 26 November 1955 at the Parish Church of St Day, Gwennap.2

Brian See owned Zimapan from 1978 to 2008. After having Zimapan Grade II listed in early 1986, he decided to purchase an additional plot of land during the latter part of that year, in order to increase the size of the Zimapan estate. However, when he came to sell Zimapan in 2008, this additional piece of land was not included in the package. Further details on Brian See can be found in the 'Zimapanners' section.

Title Plan
A copy of the title plan is attached. It shows that the additional plot of land lies to the east and south-east of the Zimapan property, and runs parallel to a footpath (byway) that runs to the south of the property from the St Day-to-Scorrier road towards Unity Wood (± 200 metres), halting just before intersecting the cycleway that runs NW-SE on the east side of Zimapan. Interestingly, the line of boundary stones runs diagonally through the centre of the additional land. The plot is approximately equivalent to the same area of land (with house) that Brian See sold to Tony and Vicki Leigh in 2008.

Mineral reservation
A mineral reservation like the one that applies to the Zimapan estate also applies to this land: "EXCEPTING AND RESERVING unto the person or persons entitled thereto, all mines and minerals on the Land with such power of winning, working and carrying away the same as are vested in such person or persons". (see mineral reservation in 1902 Conveyance).

1. Data on the 1986 Conveyance are recited in the 2009 Conveyance: Land Registry, 21 Sep 2009.
2. Birth and marriage certificates.