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Family Trees

The family trees available here have been abridged. Consequently, most of the family data such as:

  • dates and places of births, marriages and deaths
  • chronologies of life events, and
  • the number of generations shown

have been withheld, with the exception of the Pattisson family tree and a couple of the WilliamsMM family [see Endnotes], which are more complete. However, some data can be found within individual biographies. Comprehensive details of the families concerned—as well as printed family trees and chronologies1—can be obtained for a fee by contacting the author.


  1. Cawston—Pattisson—Luard 
  2. Conybeare-Vansittart 
  3. Clark—Dudart—Aberdeen 
  4. Groome—Carleton-Holmes—Harvey 
  5. De L'Arbre de Malander 
  6. Dixon 
  7. Messel—Seligman 
  8. Pattisson 
  9. Seligman—Lehmaier—Strauss 
  10. Swithenbank  
  11. WilliamsMM 
  12. WilliamsZIM 
  13. Thomas—Smith2 (available on request) 
  14. Sincock  

1. Examples of chronologies on this site are John Williams 3rd and Sir William Williams, 1st Bt.
2. Author's family.