The Zimapanners







Travellers at Zimapan


Illegal occupation of field near Zimapan
The minutes of the meeting held by the St Day Parish Council in October 2008 shows that "travellers" had been illegally occupying a field adjacent to the Zimapan property during 2008. The minutes read:

"Travellers at Zimapan. Carrick DC Enforcement Team is looking into this matter".1

Travellers previously squatted on Gun Club land
According to the This is Cornwall website, this same group of travellers that had been forced off land at the 'Gun Club' in nearby Chacewater after living there for six years, had moved onto private land at Zimapan between Scorrier and St Day. This raised further concerns locally, and led to several calls being made to the Truro Police complaining of the travellers' presence.

Squatters were drop-outs
The travellers had apparently been squatting at Zimapan. According to another source, the travellers were "drop-outs, not Romanys, looking for somewhere to park an old van or bus and then live in it".2

Travellers served notice to quit
Using their powers under section 61 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act3, the Truro Police served the group with an enforcement order, compelling them to vacate the site "within two days", which they did before the deadline. A policeman who was put on the case, Sgt Chris Manuell, urged other landowners to "contact the police immediately if any travellers move onto your property".4

Eco-warriors expect taxpayer to foot bill
Another source described the travellers as "tree-hugging eco-warriors. They leave a right mess wherever they go, and expect the taxpayer to clean up after them".5

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