The Zimapanners







Walter Parsons Thomas's Family
Greenwich Hospital 
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'Fame', Greenwhich Hospital School, Kent Sandwich Bay Wireless Station, 1912 (formerly Shingle End Coastguard Stn.) Old Boat House at Shingle End, 1906 (later: Sandwich CGS) Queens' House, (part of Greenwich Hospital School) National Maritime Museum, 2009 (formerly pt of Greenwich Hospital School) Zimapan from road, 1928 Thomas's Tea Party at Zimapan, Sep 1928 Margaret Parry Thomas (nee Reynolds) in bath chair, pushed by Angelina Thomas (nee Hales) Front garden, Zimapan 1928 Zimapan's two-entrance porch, 1928 Zimapan's sth-facing garden, 1928 Thomas family sitting on front garden gate, 1928
Dancing with panpipes, front garden, Zimapan, 1928 Four girls in front of gazebo, Zimapan, 1928 Thomas family at Zimapan, 1928 Thomas family at 'Zimapan', 168 Upper London Rd, Holhyhead, ca. 1933

 The 1921 Indenture First page of 1921 Indenture Walter Parsons Thomas's signature, 1921 Indenture 

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