The Zimapanners







 Table of Wills

1. Some of the amounts in the 'Equivalent to' column have been averaged where the DOD did not fall on the exact year given in TNA's currency converter, or the nearest year was chosen in the currency converter.
2. The persons granted probate are the executors of the will in question. It is not always clear who the legatees were. Usually one or more of the executors are in fact the beneficiaries of the will, and a solicitor is often found as a co-executor who sorts out the documentation and allocation of assets bequeathed.
In the case of Charles M. Thomas's will, however, the executor was Edward Armitage, CMT's solicitor, but it is unlikely he would have been the principal legatee. Kenneth Swithenbank was most probably the beneficiary, being the only surviving son of Charles Thomas's wife Jessie and because CMT had no children of his own.