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The house referred to as Zimapan, Zimapan Villa or even Zimapan House over the years, is an unprepossessing, mid-nineteenth century building with a fascinating history. The house is situated in Tregullow, Scorrier, Gwennap, Cornwall, an area once considered the greatest copper-producing area in the world during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries1


Research material 

The house has passed through the hands of some rich, famous and eccentric 'Zimapanners'. The discovery that a Williams Baronet of Tregullow once occupied this property has established an irrefutable link between the Williams mining family of Scorrier and Zimapan. The history of the house, from the 1820s to the present day, is traced through: 

  • Descriptions of the property 
  • Old conveyancing documents 
  • 20 completed biographies of 'Zimapanners' who occupied the house, owned the house or had a legal interest in the property 
  • Family trees of Zimapanners  
  • Recollections of ex-Zimapanners, including the Thomas, Straker, Prentice, Drew, Sincock, Fulford and Williams2 families 
  • Photographic records  
  • Recent developments 


The Zimapanners include:

  • A London banker-philanthopist from Baiersdorf 
  • Liberal MP for Camborne 
  • A Bohemian glass merchant's daughter from Brixton 
  • The 3rd Baronet of Tregullow 
  • A Cornish mining engineer from Gwennap 
  • An accountant from Shingle End, Kent 
  • A farmer's daughter from Carharrack 
  • A miller's daughter from Blue Mills, Witham 
  • A wealthy Belgian 'Count' from Ronse 
  • A bobby-turned-brewer from Essex 
  • The Vicar of Aveley (1871-1895) 
  • A civil servant at the Admiralty 
  • A cathedral chorister from Tuckingmill 

Social history 

The website research includes the following topics on C19 social history: 

  • Cornish and Mexican mining  
  • The Williams family of Scorrier (mining moguls) 
  • Greenwich Hospital School (naval training)  
  • An American merchant-banking family 
  • C19 marriage settlements 
  • C19 Cornish MP jailed for helping evicted Irish tenants
  • Women's property rights 
  • Women's Suffrage 
  • The Theistic Church (WIP)
    Please contact the author if you know anything about the history of this Church...

Mexican link 

A Cornish-born mining engineer acquired the house in the early twentieth century and renamed it Zimapan Villa after a small Mexican town where he had lived and worked. 


Grade II listed 

During the past century, the house has undergone several extensions and many changes of ownership and in 1986 became Grade-II listed.


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2. The Williams family of Camborne. The latest addition to the website. (Sep 2013)