The Zimapanners









Summary of renovations
After Brain See purchased the property, he had the house renovated. The work included:

  • Repainting the inside and outside of the house
  • Installing a standard kitchen
  • Building a bedroom extension over the original kitchen
  • Reducing the number of internal doors
  • Plumbing and rewiring (probably)
  • Removing original 12-paned sash window in porch and replacing it with a new front door
  • Installing a skylight above the porch
  • Giving a new lease of life to the long shutters in the downstairs drawing rooms

The renovators
Around 1979, Pete Prentice started work on the renovation of Zimapan. It took about three years as it needed a complete refurb. Pete worked on the house together with Pete Hardman who now lives in Bath. Pete worked on Zimapan full time. "I think it was originally was a very small house that had been gradually extended. It was one of those projects which would never end", Pam Prentice recalls.

High-maintenance property
The outside painting took forever, and after a few years the house needed painting again, which was itself a "massive task" on account of the size of the house. Because of Zimapan's size, the renovators found it a very difficult property to maintain.

There were very few rooms, despite the overall size of the house, which itself was spacious. "The house was a really odd shape. Cleaning all its huge windows, both inside and outside panes, was a job and a half", and Pam only ever cleaned them once. "Never again! The house was so big that there is no way you could maintain it without loads of money".

Recollections of Pam Prentice, 2009.