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Walter Parsons Thomas

Shingle End 

Coastguard cottages at Shingle End
Walter Parsons Thomas was born a week before Christmas in 1857 in one of the coastguard cottages at Shingle End, Worth/Sandwich Bay, Kent. These cottages and adjacent buildings, including a Chief Coastguard Officer's house and two lifeboat houses, were converted into the Sandwich Bay Wireless Station in 1912.

Sandwich Bay Wireless Station 1912

Photo: Sandwich Bay Wireless Station, 19121 


Boat House at Shingle End

Photo: One of the lifeboat houses at Shingle End, Sandwich Bay, 
29 Dec 1906 

Two coastguard stations
There were two sets of coastguard cottages:

  1. One located in the Sandwich Bay Estate, comprising several white houses with a battery. A few houses still remain to this day, and include a small outbuilding called the 'mortuary'.
  2. A second coastguard station, about half a mile further north, on the site of the Princes Golf Links, is the place where WPT was born. The old photograph above is of the second set of cottages, and shows two lifeboat houses; one attached to a white house and a second one behind the terraced coastguard dwellings where WPT was born.

Old maps of Shingle End: 1877-98
Old maps of Shingle End show a rough outline of terraced dwellings (the cottages) and the location of the Shingle End Coastguard Station with flagpole. These images are best viewed when accessing the Old Maps website directly. Coordinates: 635000 : 160600.2

1. Two old photographs were kindly supplied by Ray Harlow of Sandwich.
2. Old Maps: