The Zimapanners







The 2009 Conveyance
See—Leighs (extra land)
Land east of Zimapan
The deed of conveyance of the freehold land lying to the east of Zimapan, Tregullow, Scorrier, Redruth, which shows that on 4 June 2009 Brian See sold the additional land that he bought in 1986, records two interested parties:
1st Part
Brian See
2nd Part
Tony Arthur Leigh
Karen Vicki Leigh
Property investors
Purchase price

The purchasers
For further details, see the 2008 Conveyance.

Mineral reservation
The origin of the mineral reservation, which applied to the freehold land back in 1986, and which also applies to this plot of land, can be found at the end of the transcript of the 1902 Conveyance.

The 2009 title plan
A copy of the 2009 title plan is attached to the conveyance. It shows that the additional triangular-shaped plot of land lies to the east and south-east of the Zimapan property, and runs parallel to a footpath (byway) that runs to the south of the property from the St Day-to-Scorrier road towards Unity Wood (± 200 metres), halting just before intersecting the cycleway that runs NW-SE on the east side of Zimapan. Interestingly, the line of boundary stones runs diagonally through the centre of this triangular plot of land. 

Composite title plan
The three areas A, B and C, which now form the Zimapan estate, can be seen on a so-called composite title plan.
Area A includes Zimapan and the curtilage before 1953.
Area B represents the additional land bought by Daisy May de L'Arbre de Malander in 1953 from Barclays Bank Limited.
Area C is the new triangular plot purchased by the Leighs in 2009. Area C is approximately equivalent to the same area of land (with house) that Brian See sold to Tony and Vicki Leigh in 2008 (i.e. areas A + B).

Proceeds of the sale
The land was sold for £1,000, providing Brian See with an unknown return on his investment over a 23 year period, giving him an average return of x% p.a.

The 2009 Conveyance is based on data from the Title Plan dated 21 Sep 2009, Land Registry.