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Tsin Far Brian See 

Chinese origins
Brian See was born Tsin Far Brian See to Chinese parents in 9 Boundary Place in the Edge Hill district of Liverpool in 19381. His parents had emigrated from Hong Kong, China and were living in Liverpool in August 1931. His father, Se Chang See, was a 25-year-old paper-flower maker when he married Annie Liu (19) in Liverpool on 8 February 1933.

Zimapan (1978)
Brian See bought Zimapan Villa from Daisy May de L'Arbre de Malander in 1978. At that he was living at 39 Worcester Lane, Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands2,  his home until August 2008.

Holiday home
Brian See owned Zimapan from 1978 until 2008, but apparently never lived in it, other than when he was there for "the odd weekend", according to Pamela Prentice, a former occupant. During his 30-year period of ownership, he only used the house as a holiday home. He allowed various friends and acquaintances to occupy Zimapan rent-free, although they paid the utility bills themselves. He is thought to have owned a large block of flats in St Ives which were used as holiday lets.

Brian See had renovations carried out on the property in the late 1970s by Peter Prentice and Peter Hardman. In 1986, the house became Grade-II  listed.3

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