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Scorrier House 


Scorrier House, situated a stone's throw from Tregullow House, was built by John Williams 3rd in 1778. He made his fortune in various local Cornish mining businesses, and built a mineral tramway and the Plymouth breakwater. He married Catherine Harvey.

John Williams 3rd's other residences

  • Burncoose, Gwennap, Cornwall, where he lived with CH
  • Manor of Calstock in Devon, bought in 1806

John Williams 3rd had four children with Catherine Harvey (1776-1826):

  1. John Williams 4th  (1778-1849).
  2. Michael Henry Williams 1st (1785-1858) who:
    • bought Caerhays Castle and estate in 1853
    • inherited Scorrier House in 1841
    • lived mainly at Trevince.1 
  3. Edward Williams  (1786-1822).
  4. William Williams, Sir  (1791-1870), who

Scorrier House, 1891
By 1891, the year in which Zimapan changed hands, John Williams 5th (29) was the head of Scorrier House, and lived there with his brother Percival D. Williams (26) until 1892. Both were single gentlemen of independent means, and between them employed nine domestic servants to help run the large mansion.
A year later, John Williams 5th married Lily Florence Gage Hodge (23), requiring Percival to set up his own household down the lane in Fourburrow House.2

How 'Scorrier House' has been inherited
The house has been passed down through the Williams family from father to eldest son, as follows:

  1. John Williams 3rd: commissioned the building and first owner.
  2. Michael Henry Williams 1st: inherited in 1841 on death of his father JW3.
  3. John Michael Williams: inherited in 1858 on death of his father MHW 1st.
  4. George Williams 1st: inherited from his only brother JMW in 1862, and rebuilt the house after the 1862 fire.
  5. John Williams 5th: the eldest son of GW 1st; inherited shortly before 1891.
  6. Lily Florence Gage Williams (after JW5 died in 1942).
  7. John Gage Williams: eldest son of JW 5th; inherited after LFGW died.
  8. Richard Williams [current owner].3

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2. Kelly's Directory, 1893.
3. Richard Williams holding a specimen of coal during the 'Tramway Bicentenary Celebration' at Portreath, 1 Aug 2009.
Photo credit: Cornish Mining Museum World Heritage.