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The 1921 Indenture

Penrose—Parsons Thomas
Walter 'Parsons' Thomas buys Zimapan
The deed of conveyance of the house and garden, which shows that Mrs Amelia Penrose sold Zimapan Villa on 31 May 1921, refers to two interested parties:

1st Part   
Amelia Penrose
Widow of independent means
2nd Part
Walter Parsons Thomas
Railway clerk/bookkeeper (retrd.)
Purchase price

The 1921 Indenture

Front cover 1921 Indenture


1921 Indenture Page 1

The vendor
See the
 1919 Indenture

Abstract of Title (1944)
The Abstract of the Title of Mrs Daisy May Aberdeen to the freehold property known as Zimapan Villa, dated 19441
 contains summaries (abstracts) of earlier indentures relating to the transfer of the property, which a solicitor's clerk or secretary typed out in 1944 on folio-size paper. These abstracts were based on the old handwritten indentures, beginning with the 1902 Indenture and ending with the 1944 Conveyance.
This Abstract of Title includes a summary of the 1921 Indenture drawn up between Amelia Penrose and Walter Parsons Thomas, and reveals what the terms of the contract were and other details, which cannot be deciphered from the much-faded, handwritten original 1921 Indenture displayed above.

Description of property
The abstract of the 1921 sale refers to Zimapan as a "dwelling house with cottage adjoining". One theory is that Zimapan started out as a simple, two-up-two-down property (the 'dwellinghouse' now located at the back of the property) which later had a new section of house built on (the 'cottage') —the large south-facing, oblong part of the house with an off-centre porch— added on, as shown in the photographs taken in 1928 and later.

The purchaser
The purchaser, Walter Parsons Thomas, a railway clerk/bookkeeper, was born in Q4 1857 in Shingle End, Worth/Sandwich, Kent, but lived most of his life in Wales. In 1910, he married for the second time, and in 1921 the retired 63-year-old moved from Anglesey, north Wales to Scorrier, Cornwall, with his second wife Angelina Hales who was originally from Gwennap.
Both occupying Zimapan
The indenture confirms that Walter Parsons Thomas and Amelia Penrose were both occupying the property at the time of the transfer, suggesting that Amelia Penrose may have needed a temporary roof over her head until she could move out to her new home, or possibly the Thomases knew Amelia or her family. WPT enjoyed gardening and was a Wesleyan chapel lay preacher. Further details can be found in his biography.

1921 Indenture signatories
Photo above: Signatures of Amelia Penrose and Walter Parsons Thomas

Proceeds of the sale
In 1921, £400 had the same spending power as £8,484 today (2009)2

1. Abstract of the Title of Mrs Daisy May Aberdeen to freehold property known as Zimapan Villa, Tregullow, Scorrier, Redruth in the County of Cornwall, drawn up by Peter, Bray & Willis, Solicitors, Redruth, 2 Sep 1944.
2. The National Archive.