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Jacob H. Pattisson's Children

The Sixteen Children 


Six daughters

Daughters Name From-To 
Tertiary Education 


Charlotte Hannah Pattisson 1838-1866 not known not known not known


Elizabeth Buller Pattisson 1839-xxxx not known not known not known


Sarah Jane Garnham Pattisson 1842-xxxx not known not known Governess


Rachel Ann Wright Pattisson 1846-xxxx not known not known not known


Henrietta Cawston Pattisson 1848-1850 n/a n/a n/a


Mary Turton Pattisson 1849-1935 not known not known not known


Notes on daughters
1. In 1851, daughter's 1 to 4 (table) were being schooled at home in by Harriett Board, governess, in 1851.
2. HCP died in infancy 11 Apr 1850. Source: The Pattisson Pedigree.
3. In 1871, the eldest daughter, Charlotte, was married to the Rev Newell Vicary Fowler, Vicar of Ulting. They lived at The Vicarage in Ulting and had two children.
4. In 1901, daughters 2, 3, 4 & 6 were all living at home with their mother, Charlotte Garnham Pattisson (née Luard), at Graylings, the Pattisson's family home in Tonbridge High Street, Kent. All four daughters were unmarried.
5. Mary Turton Pattisson, the last surviving daughter of Jacob Howell Pattisson, died at Graylings in 1935. Until her death, she was the repository of 134 letters written by Crabb Robinson to the Pattissons between 1795 and 1848. (Source: (i) P. J. Corfield et al. 1996. Youth and Revolution in the 1790s.

Sources for notes 1, 3 and 4: The England Censuses 1851-1901.




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