The Zimapanners







The 1930 Conveyance
Parsons Thomas—Marshall-Thomases
Parsons Thomas sells Zimapan
The deed of conveyance of the house and garden known as Zimapan, which shows that Walter Parsons Thomas sold the property on 20 August 1930, refers to two interested parties:

 1st Part



 Walter Parsons Thomas  Railway clerk/accountant (retrd.)

 2nd Part

 Charles Marshall-Thomas

 1. Watchmaker 2. Optician (retrd; living on own means)

 Jessie Staniland Marshall-Thomas  Wife; widow living on own means
 Purchace price


Marshall-Thomases bought Zimapan with mortgage
The Marshall-Thomases bought Zimapan with the help of a £350 mortgage from The Abbey Road Building Society. The property was assured on trust whereby the Marshall-Thomas became the joint beneficial tenants and subsequently the trustees of the estate of Zimapan for the purposes of selling the property. As joint purchasers and trustees, they had unrestricted power to mortgage, lease or dispose of the property as if they had been absolute owners of the property.1

Who were the Marshall-Thomases?
Charles Marshall-Thomas and Jessie Staniland Marshall-Thomas were already resident in Scorrier in 1929, as they owned a house there called Reen.2 The couple also owned another house in 1929 called Condora, whose address was "Gyllyngvase Terrace, Falmouth". Gyllyngvase is also the name of a beach in Falmouth, Cornwall. The couple still owned Condora in 1932, the year they sold Zimapan.3

Proceeds of the sale
In 1930, £500 had the same spending power as £16,710 today (2009).4 This means that although Walter Parsons Thomas only made a £100 profit (25%) when he sold Zimapan, in real terms his investment had effectively doubled in value during his nine-year ownership.5

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