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Zimapan Revisited 

  October 2009  

Distraught by the state of Zimapan
Pauline Straker's sentiment is also shared by Pam Prentice who, while visiting friends in Cornwall in October, popped over to Scorrier to take a look at Zimapan. "I was distraught at the state of Zimapan", Pam said. "At least when Pete and I lived there it was in reasonable condition, but it is looking derelict now".

Garden Gate, Oct 2009

Pam rang the bell, hoping she could speak to the current occupants, but no-one answered, and so came to the conclusion that the property was unoccupied. Pam found the garden gate was broken, and the front garden full of rubble, giving the impression that someone had fly-tipped there. An old shed in the front garden was falling apart. There was an air of total disrepair about the house and grounds. 

 Iron gate, lft side of Zimapan, Oct 2009 

Front garden & porch

Front door, Oct 2009 Front garden, scrapheap, Oct 2009 
"The front porch was full of ladders suggesting that some maintenance work was being carried out". 


Paddock at Zimapan, Oct 2009

 "The 'paddock' [ed. described as 'dangerous ground'] was completely overgrown and the paddock gate was broken".

Kitchen & back garden (nth facing)
"Everything was rotten. The back garden was totally overgrown with brambles". Old curtains still hung in the windows, but were drawn. Pam recognised the curtains as the same as the ones she had made when she had lived there between 1987 and 1989.

Kitchen windows and door with cat-flap (rear of Zimapan, nth side) Bricked-up east window of lounge at Zimapan 
On the other side, she came across a "really unusual Cornish stone wall which had been built outside the French doors. It went up to about four foot". Pamela assumed that it had been built there in order "to stop burglars being able to open the doors. Looks very strange". The bay window was "completely rotten" and the side entrance (exit door) was "full of old pots and rubbish".
Christine Massey's (née Humphries) daughter, Lois Trathen, still lives across the road from Zimapan. She confirmed that Zimapan was burgled after the Prentices had moved out to their new home [ed. end 1989], and that she moved in there with her mother, while renting out their own cottage.
Boiler room 

Boiler Room, Zimapan, 2009

"The boiler room was in a "total mess".

Other photos

Nth side of Zimapan, 2009Porthole window, wst side Zimapan, 2009West side of Zimapan, 2009

Bedroom above 'old scullery', Zimapan, 2009 Bay window of 'old scullery', Zimapan, 2009 

Zimapan's future
"I'm not sure what will become of Zimapan. In my opinion, says Pam Prentice, it needs at least £200,000 spending on it. It only has minimal bedrooms. By today's standards, the house is far too large to cope with as a family home".