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Pete Hardman
Pete Hardman was a painter and decorator by trade, and he and his wife Karen lived in one of Brian See's flats on the seafront. He had done some painting work in Brian See's flats, and that led to him being asked to help renovate Zimapan together with Pete Prentice. Pete Hardman only helped with the renovations early on. Pete lived in Zimapan from Sep 1979 to Apr 1980; he started living there on his own first and Karin joined him later. The couple eventually moved to Bath.

Pete Prentice
Pete Prentice, however, did the majority of the work."This was a great opportunity for Pete, as he had been struggling along from week to week bringing up three children. The Zimapan job ended up giving him three years of regular work. Brian See used to send the money for materials (approx. £200) and wages (£100) each week without fail, so "for once he had a regular job in his life".

Pamela Prentice
See her recollections throughout this section.

Christine Humphries (m. Massey)
See 'Life at Zimapan 1987-1989': House burgled and Neighbours 

Lois Humphries (m. Trathen)
See Zimapan Revisited [Oct 2009].

Recollections of Pam Prentice, 2009.

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