The Zimapanners







Mineral Tramway 

Old horse-drawn railway
The old mineral tramway - a horse-drawn railway built by John Williams 3rd (1753-1841), who also built, owned and lived in Scorrier House - used to transport copper and tin ore as well as timber mine props to and from the mines at Poldice to Portreath harbour.

The railway line passed through Scorrier at Zimapan. The tramway follows the Poldice Valley, and Unity Wood is just a short walk from, and to the east of, Zimapan, but north of the mineral tramway trail.

Today, a granite waymarker bearing the name "Zimapan" points tourists and walkers in the direction of the old mine buildings situated at one end of the now-disused mineral tramway route.1

Waymarker at Zimapan, Scorrier