The Zimapanners







Measurements in Early Conveyances 

The early conveyances
"The early conveyances include the 1902 conveyance [ed. indenture] and a couple of the subsequent ones, e.g. the 1919 and 1921 conveyances [ed. indenture]"1. For the purposes of this project, conveyances up to and including 1921 are referred to as 'indentures'; from 1930 onwards they are referred to as 'conveyances'.

Roods and perches
Roods and perches are old English units that were used for measuring land. A perch is approximately 25.29 m². There are 40 perches to a rood [or rod], so a rood is approximately 1011.71 m².

Area of Zimapan's land
The early Zimapan conveyances referred to the land as comprising 1 rood and 1 perch. This means that the total area of land belonging to Zimapan in the early 1900s was around 1,037 m² (± 105.65 ft²).

1. Ian K. Nelson.