The Zimapanners







Zimapan Revisited

Mar & Sep 2009

Abandoned and dilapidated
In 2009, there is an air of abandonment and dilapidation surrounding Zimapan. An old, ramshackle garden gate hangs forlornly, half-unhinged and twisted towards the garden, offering easy access from the adjacent St Day-to-Scorrier Road. The apparent absence of occupants and its apalling state of disrepair is a sad legacy to the system of 'listing' buildings, which is supposed to protect and preserve buildings of special social and architectural significance.

Front garden at Zimapan March 2009

Photo: Zimapan, 4 March 2009

Garden resembles fly-tip
A car is parked in the middle of the garden that resembles a fly-tip. A red tarpaulin lies bundled up on the ground against the garden wall, an old oven-and-grill unit, miscellaneous building debris and pot plants lie unceremoniously dumped outside the house. The garden, which saw better days in the late 1920s, is now badly in need of some TLC.

September 2009 
While on holiday in Cornwall in September 2009, Pauline Fanning (née Straker) revisited Zimapan and found the condition of the house "shocking and desperately sad".