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The Vicar of Aveley  
Bixby Garnham Luard (1835-1919)   

Birthplace and parents
Bixby Garnham Luard was born on 25 January 1835 in Withham, Essex. He was the fifth son of William Wright LuardFT(1787-1857) and Charlotte Garnham (1789-1875), who were living at that time in The Lodge in Witham, Essex.

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Education (1853-1858)
Bixby G. Luard was educated at Peterhouse College, Cambridge (1853-1858), and was awarded a BA in 1858, and an MA in 1865.

Curate of Saffron Walden (1858-1860)
Following his ordination as a deacon in Rochester in 1858, Bixby Luard became a priest in 1859. He then became the Curate of Saffron Walden for a period of two years.

Vicar of Hatfield Peverel (1860-1868)
On 13 September 1860, Bixby Luard married 27-year-old Clara Isabella Sandford Bramston, born in Great Baddow, Essex in 1833. In 1861, Bixby Luard, 26, had become the Vicar of Hatfield Peverel, Essex, and was living in Vicarage House with his wife.
The household included Emma. A. Bramston (a visitor, probably Clara's sister), a cook and a housemaid.1 Clara Isabella was the daughter of the Reverend John Bramston, the Vicar of Witham, who, in 1841, lived in Chippinghill Vicarage with his wife Clara Bramston when Clara Isabella was a child.2 Bixby and Clara Isabella raised a total of six sons and six daughters who were born in three different towns.
Bixby's suit against Pattisson family (1860)
In 1860, Bixby G. Luard was involved in a lawsuit against the Pattisson family, in particular Bixby's brother-in-law Jacob Howell Pattisson. The case concerned the payment of 10 legatees under the will of the late Elizabeth BixbyFT, one of whose 10 half-newphews and nieces was Bixby.
Curate of Danbury (1868-1871)
The 1871 England Census shows that Bixby G. Luard was the Curate of Danbury and living in Chatton Cottage with his wife, together with 12 other persons:3

Seven children:
  1. Frederick Bramston Luard (9) HP
  2. Hugh Bixby Luard (8) HP
  3. Alexander J. Luard (7) HP
  4. Frank William Luard (6) HP
  5. Edwin Percy Luard (1) DAN
  6. Clara Georgina Luard (5) HP
  7. Annette Jane Luard (2) DAN
NB: Ages are in brackets.
Birthplaces: HP=Hatfield Peverel; DAN=Danbury; AVE=Aveley.

Five servants:
  1. Nurse-cum-domestic servant.
  2. Housemaid.
  3. Parlourmaid.
  4. Governess - Mary C. Dixon.
  5. Cook-domestic servant.

Vicar of Aveley (1871-1895)
In 1871, Bixby Luard became the Vicar of Aveley and was living in Aveley Vicarage where he remained until 1895. It was there in 1874 that he officiated in the marriage of William Henry Luard Pattisson to Emily Celestine Hill, the 3rd daughter of the then Governor of Newfoundland, (Colonel) Sir Stephen J. Hill.

'Tregullow Offices' (1891)
In 1891, 56-year-old Bixby Luard, along with three of his Pattisson nephews, loaned a total of £3,000 to Charles A.V. Conybeare when he mortgaged the 'Tregullow Offices' (later Zimapan) among other properties.4 See The 1891 Indenture. The loan was a "straightforward investment".5

Justice of the Peace
By April 1891, Bixby Garnham Luard had become a Justice of the Peace. His household (Aveley Vicarage) comprised eight children, four of whom were working as private teachers:6 
  • Frank William Luard: Lieutenant in the Royal Marines (26)
  • Clara Garnham Luard: Private teacher (25)
  • Annette Jane Luard: Private teacher (22)
  • Edwin Percy Luard: Student at Selwyn College, Cambridge (21)
  • Helen Lucy Luard: Private teacher (19) DAN
  • Kate Garnham Luard: Private teacher (18) AVE
  • Trant B. Luard: Scholar (17) AVE
  • Margarett A. Luard: Scholar (11) AVE

A sixth daughter has been discovered, Rose Mary Luard, b. 18717, but she was not found in the 1871, 1881 or 1891 England Censuses, which suggests that she may have been born just after the 1871 Census and died before the 1881 Census.

NB: Ages are in brackets. Birthplaces: HP=Hatfield Peverel; DAN=Danbury; AVE=Aveley.

Rector of Great & Little Birch (1895-1919)
Bixby Luard moved from Aveley to his new appointment as Rector of Great & Little Birch, where he lived in Birch Rectory. Between 1908/9 and 1919, Bixby took on an additional function as Rector of Layer Breton, near Colchester.8

'Tregullow Offices' (1902)
In July 1902, the Conybeares decided to sell the 'Tregullow Offices'. None of the money that Bixby and his nephews had loaned Charles Conybeare in 1891 had been repaid. However, all interest due on the amount of the outstanding loan for the period 1891-1902 had been duly paid to Bixby Luard by the time of the sale in 1902.9

The Reverend Bixby Luard died at Birch Rectory, Great Birch, Essex, on 28 January 1919.10 

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