The Zimapanners







Location of Zimapan



South-facing bungalow 

Zimapan is a nineteenth century, T-shaped house situated in Tregullow, Scorrier, near Redruth, Cornwall. It was built end-on to the road (B3298) and faces south. A number of extensions have been added on to the original bungalow since it was first built.


Poldice Valley 

The house Zimapan lies in a dip in the Poldice Valley which runs in front of the house from west to east. Zimapan is less than a mile from Scorrier House, a grand mansion owned for generations by the Williams family who made their fortune in the Cornish mining business.


Map locations 

The map of 1908, however, shows Zimapan, just to the south east of Scorrier House beside a row of boundary stones, and just west of Blamey's Shaft, and north of West Poldice Mine. The house's trig benchmark is 260.4, and is shown as being located on the bend of a disused tramway1. NG Ref: SW 7305 4358.


Old mining hamlets 

Scorrier and Tregullow are small, separate Cornish hamlets. Zimapan, whose postal address is (confusingly) 'Tregullow, Scorrier', is situated in the Parish of Gwennap, near Redruth, Cornwall, just outside the Parish of St Day. The area used to be a bustling Cornish mining community, where tin, copper and silver were intensively mined until around 1880. 


Spoil heaps rich in arsenic and wolfram

The mining of copper at the Great Wheal Busy (Chasewater Mine) near Scorrier, produced arsenic as a by-product of the copper-refining process2. In the early 20th century, the resulting spoil heaps left behind on the surface were worked over for their rich arsenic and wolfram content3.


Current boundaries 

According to Cornwall County Council's map service, Zimapan currently lies at the intersection between the two parish boundaries of St Day and Gwennap. The area to the left of the wishbone-like intersection is the Parish of St Day, while Gwennap Parish lies to the right, and includes Zimapan House as it is now called.


Great Western Railway 

Scorrier's now disused Great Western Railway (mainline) station was closed in the 1960s as part of the highly unpopular nationwide reorganisation of British railways by the then Minister of Transport, Beeching. Today, Scorrier comprises about 50 houses and Tregullow only four4.


World Heritage Site 

Parts of Cornwall and Devon, which include the area in which Zimapan is situated, were designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2006.



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