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Walter Parsons Thomas 

Key Data


  • DOB: 18-12-18571 
  • Birth address: One of the coastguard cottages2 at Shingle End, Worth/Sandwich, Kent
  • 1861: Coastguard House, Carsethorn, KKD3, Scotland
  • 1871: (i) Greenwich Hospital School. (ii) Home: Coastguard Station, Amlwch, AGY, Nth Wales
  • 1878: 23 Harewood Street, Everton, Liverpool, Lancaster (Lancs)
  • 1880: 25 Williams Street, Holyhead, AGY
  • 1881: 6 Tower Gardens, Holyhead, AGY
  • 1891: 6 Tower Gardens, Holyhead, AGY; WPT gave Deal, Kent as POB!
  • 1901: Top of Steam Mill Road, Holyhead, AGY [ed. Steam Mill Road, Holyhead, later became King's Road, and was the site of an old corn mill. Source: Old OS Maps, Anglesey Archives, Llangefni, Anglesey] 
  • 1910: 85 Kings Road, Holyhead, AGY
  • 1911: Min Y Don, 66 Newry Street, Holyhead, AGY
  • 1921-1930: Zimapan, Tregullow, Scorrier, Redruth, CON4 
  • Aug 1930-1942, Zimapan, 168 Upper London Road, Holyhead, AGY
  • DOD: 9 Mar 1942 (84); death cert. Buried in Section A 151, Maes Hyfryd Cemetery, Holyhead. Shares grave with his first wife ''Margaret Ann Evans''.


  • Father: William Thomas (b. 1819), Portwrinkle, CON, Chief Officer, Coastguard Service, The Admiralty 
  • Mother: Hannah Thomas (b. 1819)5, née Parsons, Harwich, KEN 


  1. George Thomas (b. 1843), Worth, KEN.
  2. Hannah Thomas (b. 1847), Sandwich, KEN.
  3. John Thomas (b. 1848), Sandwich, KEN.
  4. Edward Thomas (b. 1849), Worth, KEN.
  5. William Thomas (b. 1851), Epple Bay, KEN.
  6. Susannah Thomas (b. 1856), Epple Bay, KEN.


  1. Margaret Ann Evans (b. 1856), CAE; m. 18 Oct 1878, Liverpool, d. 4 May 1904 (aged 48); 3 children. MAE's father was a builder.
  2. Angelina Hales (aka Grancie), b. 29-8-1861, Carharrack, Gwennap, CON; spinster, m. 29-12-1910, Holyhead, AGY; no children; d. 1948.


  1. William Evans Thomas (b. 29-2-1880), residence at time of marr. 85 Kings Road, Holyhead, AGY, m. Margaret Parry Reynolds (b. 7-5-1889 in 9 Cambria Terrace, Holyhead, AGY); residence at time of marr. 18 Cambria Street, Holyhead. MPR: d. 23 April 1939, aged 49. WET: d. 10-1-1946 aged 65. The couple are buried in St Seiriol's cemetery, Holyhead. [ed. church demolished; cemetery has survived]. Their son, Walter David Thomas (d. 15-8-1973) is buried with them.
  2. Susannah Grace Thomas (b. 27 Mar 18876), Holyhead, AGY, aka Auntie Sue (Cissie), m. Rev. Jim K. Calvert (Wesleyan minister).
  3. George Owen Thomas7 (b. 27 Feb 1883 8), Holyhead, AGY, aka Uncle George, m. (Auntie) Ada Jane Thomas (née ?). Address: West Holme, 63 Walthew Avenue, Holyhead until at least Oct 1959.
If you knew Susannah G. Thomas or George Owen Thomas, or know the whereabouts of their children, please contact the author...  

Bookkeeper; railway clerk; railway accountant; railway cashier (Goods Department).9

Gardening; preaching in the Wesleyan House.10

1. WPT's birth certificate, dated 19-1-1858. No middle name recorded. 'Parsons' was therefore a name he later adopted from his mother's maiden name. WPT's first marriage certificate (1878), shows 'Parsons' as his middle name for the first time.
2. There were two sets of coastguard cottages:
(i) one located in the Sandwich Bay Estate, having several white houses with a battery; several houses still remain to this day, and include a small outbuilding called the 'mortuary';
(ii) a second station, about half a mile further north, on the site of the present Princes Golf Links. Those are the cottages where WPT was born.
The old photograph is of the second set of cottages. It shows two lifeboat houses, one attached to a white house and a second one behind the terraced (coastguard) dwellings where WPT was born.
3. See the list of Chapman Codes.
4. The Register of Electors for the Camborne/Falmouth constituency, Gwennap, St Day, which is held at County Records Office, Truro, Cornwall, was begun in 1922. Records confirm that WPT was living at Zimapan in 1922, 1925, 1928 and 1930. Source: Sheila Moyle, 2009. These dates correspond with the Zimapan conveyances of 1921 and 1930.
5. DOB based on her age at 1871 Census, given as 52.
6. Birth certificate 4 May 1887, GRO.
7. A family scandal: GOT and Auntie Ada were both "pillars of the Wesleyan chapel in Holyhead". GOT had an affair with one of the younger female members of the congregation. Although GOT ended this relationship, she (Ada) never let him forget his peccadillo, and "made his life a misery", whilst continuing to sing his praises to other members of the family! Source: Inez Grace Thomas, SSX, 2009.
8. Birth certificate 4 Apr 1883, GRO.
9. The first record which shows that Walter P. Thomas was a railway "accountant" in GOT's birth certificate, 4 Apr 1883. 'Railway cashier' was found on his death certificate.
10. The 1901 England Census.