The Zimapanners







The 1944 Conveyance

Fairhurst sells Zimapan
The deed of conveyance of the house and garden known as Zimapan, shows that Lena Fairhurst sold the house on 2 September 1944, and refers to two interested parties:

 1st Part



 Lena Fairhurst  Lady of independent means

 2nd Part

   Daisy May Aberdeen  Lady of independent means
 Purchase price

Daisy May Aberdeen
The purchaser, Daisy May Aberdeen, was born Daisy May Clark in 1891. At the age of 22, she married the 23-year-old insurance clerk Ernest Aberdeen, but later divorced him and in 1949 remarried a Belgian emigré called Joseph Pierre De L'Arbre, in Truro, Cornwall.

Proceeds of the sale
In 1944, £1,500 had the same spending power as £38,925 today (2009).1

If you knew Daisy May or her husbands, please contact the author...

1. The National Archive.