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The 1978 Conveyance
De L'Arbre—See 

Daisy May sells up after 34 years
The deed of conveyance of the house, garden and the additional land—purchased from Barclays Bank in 1953—shows that Daisy May de L'Arbre de Malander sold Zimapan Villa on 13 March 1978.1

The conveyance refers to two sets of interested parties:

1st Part 
Daisy May de L'Arbre de Malander
Lady of independent means
2nd Part 
Brian See
Entrepreneur & landlord
Purchase price

The purchaser
The purchaser was Liverpudlian Brian See.

First plan with boundary lines
Before this conveyance of the property, Zimapan had been sold by way of description only, without reference to any plan.2 This 1978 conveyance contains the first title plan that clearly marks out the location and boundary of the Zimapan property (red boundary line), and the boundary of the adjoining land that was sold by Barclays Bank to De L'Arbre de Malander in 1953 (outlined in green). The additional land appears to be approximately the same square footage as the area of land that Zimapan originally owned prior to the 1953 acquisition.3

Post-1928 extensions
The 1978 title plan, recent photographs of the house and an aerial photograph of Zimapan, show that the property has been extended several times at the rear post-1928. As a result, Zimapan is no longer the building it once was back in 1928.

Zimapan's lay-by
The lay-by on the western side of the property is thought to be an original feature of the property. The 1978 plan clearly shows that the western boundary line (red) of the property ran parallel to the Scorrier-to-St Day Road. The lay-by space necessitated the building of a curved garden wall, thereby providing safe access from the roadside (for deliveries) into the grounds of Zimapan, via the large garden gate. The 1978 plan clearly indicates that the lay-by space belonged to Zimapan, as the lay-by is located inside Zimapan's red boundary line. See, however, The 2008 Conveyance.

Purchase price
In 1978, £25,000 had the same spending power as £71,250 today (2009).4 Taking into account the additional land she bought in 1953, Daisy May De L'Arbre de Malander managed a 78.5% return on her investment over a 34 year period, giving her an average return of 2.31% p.a.5

1. The official 'Title Plan' registered with the Land Registry, appended to the 1978 Conveyance [stamp duty: £250], refers to Zimapan House, while the opening lines of the conveyance refer to Zimapan Villa, a not untypical inconsistency.
2. Ian K. Nelson, 2009.
3. Based on the official Land Registry Title Plan of 1978.
4. The National Archive.
5. Cost of Zimapan in 1944, plus the extra land in 1953: £38925+£985 = £39910. Sale price in 1978 (£71250) minus total purchase price (£39910) = 31340/39910 x 100/1 = 78.5%.