The Zimapanners







Charles A. V. Conybeare

Big Estate
Was Tregullow House part of the 'big estate'?
The "big estate" Ian Nelson was alluding to in the 1891 Indenture, may well have included Tregullow House, whose estate is known to have included land and properties such as the 'Tregullow Offices' (aka Zimapan). Scorrier House had its 'Scorrier Office' and Tregullow House had its 'Tregullow Office'.

Collateral for loan
Charles A. V. Conybeare must have already owned Tregullow House at the time of signing the 1891 Indenture, otherwise he would not have been able to borrow such a large sum of money from Luard and the three Pattisson brothers. If he did own it, Tregullow House would probably have represented the principal collateral for the loan. How and exactly when Conybeare purchased Tregullow House is not yet known.
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