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I'd like to thank the following contributors, without whose invaluable input, this website could not have been realised:  


Adams, Irene (née Fulford) and Adams, Alan, for their recollections of their time at Zimapan and of Joseph de L'Arbre de Malander and Daisy May, the dogs, the antiques and for supplying many photographs for this website, and for their sleuth-like tracking down of the cemetery where Joseph DLDM and Daisy May were buried, and for tracing Joseph's obituary while on a visit to Cornwall in October 2012.

Burns, Adam, guide to American railroading, 2010.

Colbert, Fiona, Biographical Librarian at St John's College Library, Cambridge for help with William Henry Luard Pattisson.

Corfield, Penelope J., for assistance on aspects of the Pattisson family and for putting me in touch with the family.

Cornish Mining Museum World Heritage, photo of Richard Williams of Scorrier House, 'Tramway Bicentenary Celebration', Portreath, 2009.

Cornwall Centre, Truro. Kim Cooper, Principal Library Officer and Claire Morgan, Library Assistant of the Cornish Studies Library, for supplying newspaper cuttings about Charles Rule Williams. 

De L'Arbre de Malander, Philibert François Guillaume Marie Ghislain, Brussels, Belgium, for informing me about how his great uncle Joseph entered the United Kingdom during the war and for brief details about Joseph's relationship with his Belgian family.

De L'Arbre, Pierre-Luc-Joseph-Marie-Ghislain, Dienze, Belgium, for help on aspects of Joseph Pierre A. E. de L'Arbre de Malander's life before Zimapan, the De L'Arbre family's name change, and Joseph's twin brother.

Drew, Malcolm & Roger, for photographs of Joseph DLD Malander and his dogs and various other photos taken at Zimapan and at the beach when holidaying with the De L'Arbres in Cornwall in 1956.

Fanning, Pauline (née Straker), for recollections of the Straker family holidays spent at Zimapan in the 1950s and 1960s.

Everest, Paul, Register Project Assistant at the Biographical Office of the Library of St John's College, Cambridge, for the examination results of William H.L. Pattisson.

Hancock, Jennie, Archivist at the Cornwall Records Office, Old County Hall, Truro, Cornwall, for help with tracing records of councillors' declarations of office in Gwennap parish records, particularly relating to Charles Rule Williams's periods of office.

Harlow, Ray, Curator & Archivist at the Guildhall Museum & Archive, Sandwich, Kent, for old photographs of the former 'Wireless Station' at Sandwich Bay, showing the 'Shingle End' coastguard cottages, and for locating its original site on the golf links.

Jopling, Sandy, Customer Services Desk at Carrick District Council, for advice on earlier planning applications for Zimapan, and on recent enforcement notices against travellers at Zimapan.

Laing, Joanne, Library Assistant at the Cornwall Centre, Cornish Studies Library, Redruth, Cornwall, for searching newspaper articles on Charles Rule Williams, among others.

National Trust, The, link to Nymans Gardens, Handcross, West Sussex.

Nelson, Ian K., conveyancing solicitor at the law firm of Nelson Nichols, Portsmouth, Hampshire, for supplying information on several of the old deeds and documents relating to the transfers of ownership of Zimapan, for invaluable expertise with regard to marriage settlements, English Land Law, old units of land measurement, and for his interpretation of a number of the old, illegible indentures, conveyances, maps and other documents that were in his possession (2009).

Newcombe, John, a resident of St Day, Redruth, Cornwall, for her recollections of the "Belgian count"; size of Scorrier and Tregullow.

Moyle, Sheila of Carmenellis, Redruth, Cornwall, for help in tracing Walter Parsons Thomas's POB, establishing Charles R. Williams's DOB, and ad hoc assignments for the Zimapan project that required a local researcher.

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, Kent, for the use of the image of 'Naval School, Greenwich & Block Model Ship'.

Prentice, Pamela, a former occupant of Zimapan, for the history of the renovations to Zimapan, her family biography (WIP), family photographs and for sketching out a floor plan of the house at that time.

Pattisson, F. D[avid], for the use of the photo of a painting of Witham House, published in Youth and Revolution in the 1790s, by Penelope Corfield, and for photographs of Jacob H. Pattisson and his children.

Pattisson, John Harmer, for (i) filling in some gaps in the biographical data on his great-grandfather Jacob Howell Pattisson and his 16 children, (ii) the loan of the Pattisson Pedigree album, (iii) data on the Turner and Pattisson family paintings, (iv) a copy-to-keep of Penelope Corfield's 1997 specially commissioned report on JHP, and for enabling me to write a completely independent, uncensored biography of his ancestor.

Radford, Jean, Wilmington: A Village in North Kent, 2008; Wilmington PC's purchase of Oakfield Park (public park), C.A.V. Conybeare's residence in Oakfield Park (private house), for two obituaries in the Dartford Chronicle and Daily Chronicle, and for Florence Conybeare's obituary in Dartford Chronicle.

Roberts, Mike, authority on the history of Rugby Football Union and author of the to-be-published book on the history of the game entitled The Same Old Game. Barcelona, Spain, January 2011.

Rogers, Alyson of the National Monuments Record UK, English Heritage, Swindon, England, for permission to use their photograph of Zimapan House shown on their Images of England website.

Sincock, Francis Peter, for his lucid recollections of his 15 months as a tenant at Zimapan between 1955-1956, and his memories of Joseph and Daisy May de L'Arbre de Malander.

Still, Mike, Assistant Museum Manager, Dartford Borough Museum, for tracing references to Florence Annie Conybeare in publications about Dartford, and for tracing Charles Conybeare's ownership of Oakfield Lodge.

Thomas, Inez Grace, aka Anne Smith, Seaford, East Sussex, for recollections of the Thomas family and her visit to Zimapan in 1928, and for supplying old photographs of the Cornish house taken around that time.

Thorrington, Jan & Stuart, for granting permission to publish photographs of the restoration work at Zimapan, taken by themselves and by Graham White, as well as the e-mail correspondence between the author and themselves on the website's blog.

Trewern, Sylvia, for sharing her recollections of Zimapan, Joseph de L'Arbre de Malander [Mr Dee], Mrs Dee, and her former Spanish boyfriend Julio Punel Navarro.

Van den Eynden, F., Archivist at College Melle, Melle, Belgium (2011), for confirming the dates that Joseph de L'Arbre de Malander attended the RC school.

Victoria & Albert Museum, Cromwell Gardens, South Kensington, London, Theatre Collections Advisory Service; data on theatres and pantomimes running in February 1872.

Waight, Stan and his contributors to the GENUKI website regarding coastguard personnel records.

Walford, Edward, Old and New London, Vol. 4, chap. XVI, The Neighbourhood of St James's Square; illustration of Willis's Rooms, on

Wallis, Will, webmaster of Cornwall in Focus, for help with the 1888 and 1908 maps of Scorrier, accessible on

Ward, Richard Daithi, Assistant Archives Officer at the Parliamentary Archives, Houses of Parliament, London, England, for Conybeare documents and a photograph.

Webb, Michael, Head of Cataloguing (Western Manuscripts), Department of Special Collections and Western MSS, Bodleian Library, Oxford, England: The Harcourt Papers, Conybeare's correspondence with Sir William Harcourt (prison conditions, 1889), and with his father (admiration for Harcourt; University warning during Oxford elections). for the photograph of the waymarker at Zimapan, Scorrier, Cornwall.

White, Graham, for supplying photographs of Zimapan during the early days of its restoration, June 2012.

White, Karen of B-Legal Limited, of Marlow, Buckinghamshire, for her cooperation in putting me in touch with the solicitors who, in 2008, were involved in the sale/purchase of Zimapan in 2008. for the image of Charles Voysey, originally published in Vanity Fair in 1871.

Williams, Jamie, the great grandson of Charles Rule Williams, for supplying various family photographs and other details, Boston, USA, 2012-13.

Williams, Richard, present head of Scorrier House, for his recollections of the "Belgian baron", and for supplying limited data for the Williams family tree.