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Maxwell Ernest Aberdeen (1920-1993) 



Queen Charlotte's Hospital (1920)
On 5 December 1920, six years after marrying insurance clerk Ernest Aberdeen, Daisy May Aberdeen bore him a son, Maxwell Ernest Aberdeen, at Queen Charlotte's Hospital in London1. The family's home was at 54 Lordship Lane in the Parish of Tottenham, Middlesex.

Marriage, Redruth (1947)
On 29 November 1947, the 27-year-old musician Maxwell Ernest Aberdeen married his 1st cousin, 34-year-old widow Louise(tte) Fernande Dudart (née Clark) at the Parish Church of St Day, Cornwall. The bridegroom's mother, Daisy May Aberdeen (née Clark) and the bride's father, Francis William Henry Clark, were witnesses at the wedding. Daisy May's father, Thomas William Clark and her brother Francis William Henry Clark, both worked in the harness and saddle-making trade. Maxwell and Louisette both lived with Daisy May at Zimapan prior to marriage.

Zimapan (1947-1949)
Maxwell's mother owned Zimapan from 1944 onwards. Maxwell Aberdeen and Louisette lived at Zimapan from some time before their marriage in 1947 until 1949, as his name appears in the telephone directories for those years2From mid-1949, Joseph de L'Arbre de Malander became the new head of the Zimapan household when he married Maxwell's mother; indeed Joseph was already living with Maxwell's mother at Zimapan before their marriage. Consequently, from 1950 onwards, local telephone books no longer show Maxwell's name at Zimapan, only Joseph's. However, Maxwell  and Louisette probably continued to live at Zimapan together with his mother and stepfather until he and Louisette were able to find suitable alternative married accommodation. 

Zimapan's telephone number then was St Day 223.

Redruth (1954)
In 1954, Maxwell and Louisette were living at 56 West End in Redruth, Cornwall, which premises were described as a "Music Stores"4.

Ministry of Supply (1955)
In 1955, Maxwell's stepson, Fernand Louis Dudart-Aberdeen (20), a café proprietor, married Barbara Mary French (21), both living prior to marriage at Morgay House, Truro, Cornwall. Their marriage certificate shows Maxwell's name crossed out in the 'father' box and replaced by the name of the real father, Louisette's first husband, Fernand Louis Charles Dudart (deceased).

Maxwell's profession in column 8 was also crossed out, but is clearly legible and reads: "Ministry of Supply". The only establishment fitting this description and which was within a commutable distance from Maxwell's home in Cornwall was Nancekuke. Maxwell probably worked there as an accountant.

Second marriage, Trewoon (1993)
After Louisette (aka Louise) died in 1992, Maxwell Aberdeen, aged 72, remarried Joan Alice E. Hackney (née Fitch), a 72-year-old widow, a fireman's daughter and retired local government officer. The couple were married at the Register Office in St Austell, Cornwall on 10 Sep 1993. Maxwell's pre-marriage home was 21A Westbridge Road, Trewoon. The marriage certificate describes Maxwell Aberdeen as a "Professor (retired)".

Unfortunately Maxwell died the following day of a cardiac tamponade at the North Devon District Hospital, Barnstaple, Devon, 73 miles from their home, where the couple were presumably honeymooning at the time. Maxwell's occupation is described on the death certificate as "retired chartered accountant"5. Strangely, however, his new wife Joan was not present at his death, whereas his stepson John Dudart-Aberdeen was.

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2. British Telephone Books for 1948 and 1949. Old telephone books only showed the names of husbands, not wives. Women's names were only recorded if they were single or widowed. Moreover, other family members were not normally included in directory listings.
3. On his marriage certificate, Joseph DLDM gave Zimapan as his address prior to marrying Daisy May.
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