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The Two 1889 Indentures
2. Holmes—Conybeare


Holmes sells Tregullow Office
Based on the Schedule recited in the later 1902 Conveyance, this second indenture of Conveyance, also dated 20 December 1889, notes that Edward Carleton Holmes, conveyed (sold) the 'Tregullow Offices' on the same day as he acquired the property, and refers to two interested parties (or 'parts'):

 1st Part 



 Edward Carleton Holmes (Yng)


 2nd Part



 Charles Augustus Vansittart Conybeare  

 Barrister & MP

 Purchase price

 Not known

The first party to this second indenture on 20 December 1889 was 46-year-old practising solicitor Edward Carleton Holmes the Younger. What his interest was in the property is not known, but in view of the fact that he sold on the property on the same day, it must be assumed that he was a necessary intermediary in the ultimate transfer of the property to Charles Conybeare, with no real interest for the property as such.

Charles Augustus Vansittart Conybeare of the second part, was a practising barrister and MP for Camborne. He had various motives for purchasing the Tregullow Offices, which included letting it back to its original owner, Sir William Robert Williams, in order to generate a rental income. Conybeare later used this and other properties as collateral, in order to borrow money from old school friends and relations. For further details on how that loan was structured, see the 1891 Indenture.